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04/03/2019 GNG weekly

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 GNG Vineyard Weekly

EM Edition

Hello ~
This week let us rely on God and ask him for forgiveness!
Below are some announcements.





Memorable Moments from last week





Saturday, April 20th
Church Cleaning Day~
Time: It will be in the morning. TBD!!!



This Week Lunch Serve  
Group Decatur!!



If anyone wants to be baptized, please let MKSN know.
Baptism will be offered on Easter Service.



Becoming Prayer Night
 April 5, 2019 Friday at 7:30 pm at EM Sanctuary



Easter Joint Service 

April 21
 Baptism will be offered.
Service Time - 10:45 am



Mission Support Yard Sale
April 13
For GNG mission trip support, we will have yard sale at GNG church.
Time: 9 AM - 2 PM



Prayer Meeting by Group
Let’s come early to the church and prepare our heart for worship. 
Group prayer time is 10:15 am.



Bible Memorization Competition
When: Easter
Word: Book of Jonah and Matthew Chapters 5,6, and 7
1st - $700
2nd - $300
3rd - $200
4th - $100



GNG Missions
For Summer 2019, GNG will go to Lebanon for mission trip. 
Dates: July TBD
Lebanon Missionary visiting on 04/28
If you have the heart for missions, please talk to MKSN.




April Birthdays

Alyshia 4/4
Austin 4/13
Jane 4/24
Shuka 4/30





Prayer Requests:

Thomas - Truly repentant, God knows my heart before I confess. Impact remembering its purpose
Sammy - to not forget about repenting, and remembering God even in the comfort times.
Maiquie - Peace of Mind. Repent, to remember God is always there. Good Health Lissett - Wisdom, Patience, Want to spend more time with God and get to know him better
Jacob - To have an amazingly thankful week and academically successful
Dasol - Spend more time with God. Health!
Gracie - QT time, for my health, better relationship with God
Jimin - Thankful for the little things. Pay more attention to academic life
Chana - Spend more time with God
Jina - Nicer to people and share something with them
Eunji - Be grateful for little things (no complaining)
Lisa - Getting back into the swing of things and dig deeper into God’s word and spend more time with him!
Aaron - Healing of broken leg. Academically successful and thankful week!
Becky - study well for GMAs and EOCs and as she does study for these, to remember God and know that it’s okay if she doesn’t perform well but what matters is if she tries her best
Yoori - to heal from her sickness, and to have fun during her Spring Break, to pray more
Shuyi - To feel better and to listen and follow God words throughout her week
Liz - to really depend on God as I go through a season of surrendering to God’s plan and perfect will for me, to consider and treasure Jesus through it all
Vivian - to be more intentional with the time she spends with God. Vision and direction.
Kelsie - to be more aware of her sin. To grow to hate her sin more.
Ryan - to have a good week. To have more energy throughout the week.
Jane - to not waste time with social media/YouTube. To use time on relationship with god
Michelle - To spend more time with God and to help family to go back to church. Kristie - Wisdom. Praying more. To have more motivation at work.
Austin - QT 3x a week. Wisdom and to know that God's plan is perfect.
Jeff - for a good spring break. For SAT study time.
Jeff Hsu - graduating. To finish thesis and conduct defense well. To find have the correct mindset while looking for jobs - that God is in control.
Peter - to be a light to his coworkers. To be kind to everybody.
Audrey - anxiety about many things including Taiwan’s transition to America and new job, lifestyle, community, etc.
Richard - to have a good spring break
Rachel - to have a safe and enjoyable spring break, for academics, to desire God more!
Hannah - to be active in seeking the Lord, for wisdom regarding decisions for kc3, for parents to depend on God during dad’s career change
Chelsey -allow the Holy Spirit to convict her so that she can be humble, to love and care for people around her
Karina - for family to be dwelling more in love and not to get frustrated with them, friends, church, to serve ministry with more spiritual discipline (for God to shape her more so that she can better serve), Juan
Nicky - for his future guidance, wisdom and humility as worship leader, career Group Prayer Requests - the Holy Spirit to be overflowing at the prayer night this week, to have a repentant heart and confidence that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, Lebanon missions preparations




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