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03/21/2019 GNG weekly

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            GNG Vineyard Weekly

EM Edition

Hey y'all~ 
Hope your weeks are all going well! Let's worship God and glorify him.
Below are some announcements!





If anyone wants to be baptized, please let MKSN know.
Baptism will be offered on Easter Service.

Baptism education will start next week. 



Naming Contest Winner
GNG ministry name is Vineyard Ministry. Winner is Chelsey~~!!



Monthly Fellowship
GNG monthly fellowship event was successful. Thank you, Vivian, and Dolphins!!




Photo Contest
Purpose of contest: Group unity, Fellowship, and Promotion of church relationship.
Examination standards: Pose, Expression, Attendance, creation, and Preparation.
By March 31th.
1st place- $100
2nd place- $70
3rd place- $50




Mission Support Yard Sale
KTN Atlanta Television is hosting a largest yard sale in Korea Town on April 6th.
EM and KM women’s ministry will corporate yard sale for Lebanon mission trip support.
Date: April 6 2019
Time: 9am~ 3pm
Where: 4675 River Green Pkwy, Duluth, GA
WE NEED DONATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have anything to donate for mission support, we welcome your devotion. We accept donation by March 31.



Catie's Cello Recital
March 31st @ 3pm
Agnes Scott College
Maclean Auditorium @ Presser Hall



Bible Memorization Competition
When: Easter
Word: Book of Jonah and Matthew Chapters 5,6, and 7
1st - $700
2nd - $300
3rd - $200
4th - $100



GNG Missions

GNG will go on a mission trip this summer! Yes! Finally, we decided the mission trip place. For Summer 2019, GNG will go to Lebanon for mission trip. More information will be announced on Sunday service. 
If you have the heart for missions, please talk to MKSN. 




Catie   3/2
Richard Choi  3/3
Roxanna  3/15
Karina   3/23
Kelsie Dow   3/28





Prayer Requests:

Estephania: Rely on God for everything, health and strength.
Catie: Job applications, guidance.
Jenny: to spend more time with God; to appreciate with what I've given
Sammy: Do well at State Competition.
Maiquie: to have more wisdom, pass all my exams for the next two weeks. Good health and peace of mind. Not to be stressed
Dasol: to get strength and wisdom for going through the present circumstance. And for future career, what I wanna do is what God wants me to do
Chana: Always hope what the Lord wants to me. I just want to love my Lord more and be willing to give my whole heart to him
Gracie: to not be so easily angered, learn to forgive, trust in God
Sarah: Guidance and God. Manage everything well, strength
Thomas: Direction, Impact, and to rely on God and not my own strength.
Audrey: wisdom to work through her in her work. Taiwan is prepping for visa. Pray that it would all be arranged by God.
Karina: family, friends, ministry, Juan. Waiting for God's calling if she should continue her ministry. Need more discipline for her health goals.
Richard: To be safe in D.C trip
Elliot:  Looking for a new job. Pray for his search for the new job.
Nicky: Humility. Stop sinning and be filled with Holy Spirit.
Rachel: be able to touch other people around her, especially for those who are no longer in faith; to do well in catching up at school (2 midterms)
Derek: to finish this week well; to be right with God
Chelsey: to really take hold God as her shield and refuge; to keep the truth close to her heart
Hannah: to seek first His Kingdom and to be still in the process
Jeff:  safe trip to Washington.
Ryan: to continue to have a good week.
Viviano: live by her identity in christ. To take care of herself physically, mentally, spiritually.
Austin: QT 3x a week. Wisdom and to know that God's plan is perfect.
Kelsie:  to be proactive during break and to be rejuvenated in Christ
Michelle: good grades and stronger faith for family in Korea.
Yoori: to get good grades; work hard; interact with God more (go to Him even when she’s doing okay; not to just go to Him when she’s going through something); eat healthier
Becky: not to forget about God; to remember to pray to Him
Shuyi: to remember to pray to God (even in the smallest things); to fix her relationship problems; exercise more; stop playing League of Legends
Liz: to be strong and courageous!!!




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